The Start of a Tradition


The Big Rock Classic Car show was founded over ten years ago by longtime friends, our chapter advisor, Marc Hillestad, and the local Safeway manager, Roger Jones. Traditionally, Safeway hosts a fundraiser once a year for breast cancer, coordinated by the managers. Although the annual fundraisers were always a success, Roger Jones wanted to take their charitable contributions to the next level. When Mr. Jones and Mr. Hillestad’s dads were both diagnosed with prostate cancer, they knew something had to be done to support cancer research. Both being car enthusiasts, the two had a brilliant idea; a Car Show to support prostate cancer research. Over the course of our relationship with Safeway the Big Rock Classic Car Show has brought in over $100,000 in gross revenue.

The 10th Annual Big Rock Classic Car Show Team

The 10th Annual Big Rock Classic Car Show Team


Since the conception of the Big Rock Classic Car Show, a lot has changed. Not only has the Car Show improved, but it has also become increasingly independent and established. The 10th annual Show was a huge milestone for us. Cedarcrest DECA took on the daunting task of planning and executing the Show from start to finish.  Students took on everything from coordinating day-of logistics, to contacting sponsors and vendors and even writing grant proposals. Every year, we give students the opportunity to acquire 21st century skills through real world experience.


In the future, we aim to get the Big Rock Classic Car show licensed under a 501(c)(3) non-profit business license with a board of directors. This will allow us to operate year round and have complete ownership over our assets. With a 501(c)(3) license, we will have a tax id number and will have control over our finances. In the past we had to get all funding requests approved by the school, with the 501(c)(3) we will have a credit card and have the ability to make purchases as the board of directors sees fit. This will give us much more flexibility and allow us to operate as a full time business run by our chapter.